CS178 Assignment 7 - Night and Color
May 22, 2011Public
Photo: Requirement 1:

This was taken up on Page Mill Road around 3am or so. The lights in the backgorund are what I believe to be GG bridge.

I had to use a tripod and at the time I didn't have a remote so I underexposed to 30 seconds and boosted exposure and contrast in PS.

f/8 was chosen as the sharpest aperture and tungsten white balance was chosen to give a 'bluer' feel to the picture.
Photo: Requirement 2:

Stanford downtown at night. I used IS to help me keep the camera still and kept the focal length wide to keep most of the stanford sign in framed in on the right by the pole/tree.

Originally the underhead lights were overexposed so I increased the shadows to help centralize them more. 

Other than that, not much PS editing was done to the photo.
Photo: Requirement 3:

I used a red bike LED inside my room. The setup was a camera pointed at my wall and I used black tape on the four corners to help me frame the boundaries of the shot and help me center the heart.

The bulb mode was used so I could take my time in creating the shot, and if one focuses carefully, they can see my hand at the very center of the heart.  The aperture was set beforehand with a low ISO so that the white wall would not be exposed and my movements would not be exposed either.
Photo: Requirement 2:

I don't remember which building this was, but I really liekd the symmetric layout and the diffuse lighting on the top of the ceiling. The pillars help lead the shot toward the center (though I wish there were some central subject). Because of some obstructions, I couldn't get the top of the ceiling in frame and going any closer would reveal bathrooms, etc.

I also increased the contrast so that the sides of the photo would fade to black and so that the contrast between the walls and the lighting sources would be more prominent.
Photo: Requirement 3: fireball
This was again in my room with the same setup as the other shot. I held that pose for about 30 seconds to expose my frame into the picture, and quickly took an led bike light that was set on strobe and created the pattern. You can notice a blurriness due to slight movement.

I had a remote this time so I could easily move the lamp as needed and flip the shutter after I was finished. Since I wanted to have my body in the shot and not have to sit in that pose for minutes, I reduced the aperture and just had to move quicker with the lamp and my other movements.
Photo: Requirement 2,5:

This shot was fun to take because of the brightly saturated yellow in comparison to the rest of the scene. This was taken at night with the camera on the ground. After the shot, I desaturated the entire photo in PS. After, I used the art history brush only on the padding to bring back the bright yellow. The yellow was further saturated .
Photo: Req4:

Under sunlight, the leaf appears green as expected. Here is a white sheet in comparison
Photo: Req 4:

Orange leaves!. Under the sodium street lamp, the green leaves appear intensely orange. Taken with a nifty 50, the widest aperture was taken because I didn't have a tripod.

I thought it was interesting how the leaves reflect along a completely different wavelength than the color we normally think of leaves as being.
Photo: Req1:

This was taken on st. right off of Page Mill road. The original photo was much more underexposed, but thanks to RAW, I could boost the exposure a decent amount. Tungsten WB was again chosen to give a bluish feeling, and the tripod really helped to stabilize the long exposure time.

There was a decent amount of flare that I was able to remove through content aware fill.
Photo: Req1:

Night by the docks. I found a lake off of Page Mill around 3 am. The park may or may not have been closed, and I may or may not have entered. That being said, The dock was a great subject and the long exposure helped the water to have a flowing feeling to it, while you can still see the stars in the sky.

Lunar flares were removed from the lake and the sky, and a number of prominent hot pixels were removed as well. The contrast was adjusted to bring out the reflected of the grass in the water.
Photo: Req1:

This was also taken off a side road on page mill and set up with a tripod. The moivng clouds combined with the long exposure gave a nice dreamy/blurry feeling and the power pole (?) on the right helped to frame the right side of the shot with the lighting from the moon on the left.

Ideally I would have wanted to use a narrower aperture but I didn't have a remote so I went with a 30s exposure and set the focus at ~infinity. Because of the darker foreground, I didn't think it needed to be in focus as much as the farther elements.