CS178 Assignment 5 - Still Life
May 10, 2011Public
Photo: Requirement 2:

I realized I drank a lot of bottled sodas, and those bottles aren't always recycled. I framed a reusable nalgene against the background of those bottles. Conveniently enough, it has "Making small changes towards a big diference" right on the face of it, emphasizing the message.

Focus was set on that message and since I wanted to emphasize reuse > plastic bottles, a wide aperture was chosen. The image was cropped in order to remove any other background objects and room light was used to give even lighting to all parts of the composition.
Photo: Requirement 3:

Strength for hard times.

The background was my bed, kept out of focus and the viewer's attention was placed on the cross on top of the Bible. The lighting came from a lamp from the side and the shot was purposely underexposed to give the feeling of reading at night in bed under a lamp.

Since I wanted to boost the contrast and slightly increase brightness as needed, I went with the lowest possible ISO to decrease noise. f/2.8 aperture was used to focus on the cross and a tripod helped to stabilize the camera.
Photo: Requirement 2

I chose the book as the background to give it central importance in the overall composition. The 'bloodied' knife--the crime, and the overdose of pills--Raskolnikov's (perhaps self induced) punishment.

The wide aperture was chosen to keep the ketchup as bloody looking as possible, and to perhaps give the vitamins a more ominous look. The photo was also underexposed to give a darker tone as well as strong contrast.

Lighting came from a single dimly lit overhead lamp to provide a darker mood.
Photo: Requirement 2:
Money > Music

The background is actually the screensaver for OS X--a tiled screen that changes the album artwork intermittently. Lighting was purely backlit from the monitor--monitor screen was both the lighting and the background. As for the message, profits > music.

The dollar bill originally came out washed out, so contrast was boosted to bring out the lines of the bill, as well as decreased brightness. Since the lighting was relatively low with a high ISO, I tripod mounted the camera.
Photo: Requirement 1:

Use of caustics. I wanted a high contrast, low spread light source so I used the iphone's flash led in a dark room against the side of the glass. I laid white sheets under the water filled glass to give the caustics a bit of color dispersion.

White balance was set to florescent since I wanted a 'bluer' white balance. In addition, since the shot was handheld, I had to use the widest aperture and fastest shutter speed possible.
Photo: Requirement 4

This metal ball came with the shaker and looked like a perfect candidate to float. I took two shots, one with the ball, one without and used photoshop to merge in the photo.

I moved my hand slightly laterally to give the feeling of movement/blur. f/2.8 for maximum bokeh'age and a narrow focal length to get other background elements out of shot. Lighting came from behind the camera (natural light) and my standard room was used as a natural environment
Photo: Shot of the basic setup. Took two shots, one with just the shaker, and one with the ball held in my hand similarly as shown. I removed my hand with a mask in the 2nd shot and merged the two photos together.