Nov 2, 2009Public
Photo: A different kind of razor wire on a disused warehouse in Shefford.
Photo: Kitchen Curtain
Photo: Titan missile for H-bomb delivery, in its silo just south of Tucson Arizona.  The warhead access petals are all folded up.
Photo: The four aft nuclear torpedo launch tubes in the Soviet submarine "Scorpion".  The other end of the submarine has six launch tubes.
Photo: People tracks on the north slope of Goodrich Cone, Mauna Kea, about 13,500 ft altitude. Very nice with zoom tool.
Photo: Ore trucks inside a large copper (and other metal) mine near Salt Lake, Utah.
Photo: Queen Mary 2 turning in Honolulu harbor.
Photo: Flat-bed truck.  I-5, LA to San Francisco.  A brief traffic jam allowed me to get the car almost exactly "on axis".
Photo: Liquified gas truck.  I-5, San Fran to LA.
Photo: Appe truck.  I-5, San Fran to LA.
Photo: Upstairs on a 747, probably 2002.
Photo: Airport queues.  LAX.
Photo: Divers inside a geothermal limestone dome, Utah.  They don't seem that happy to see me.
Photo: Foggy morning, Shefford.  The river is about 500 yards away and fills a wide area.
Photo: Window covered in paper and tape by the painters prior to spray painting, viewed in transmission.
Photo: Two windows evidently covered in different types of paper.
Photo: Another window, this one covered in translucent plastic sheet.  Maybe the actual painting on the outside will be as good as this.
Photo: Painted fire hydrant, Buellton, CA, just after sunrise.
Photo: US101 south to LA.
Photo: Truck mirror
Photo: Bullet hole in shop window glass, Nashville, seen from the outside (i.e. the ejected region is on the far side of the glass while I am looking in from the outside).
Photo: Bullet hole in another shop window, Nashville.  This one lacks the spallation and cracking of the other.  Why?
Photo: Brazil, in West Virginia.
Photo: Bark