Jan 3, 2009Public
Photo: An unusual form of barbed wire - this on a wall in Shefford.  The blades are serrated and sharp.
Photo: A water heater.  One of the coils is visible in the lower left white circle.
Photo: Spent cartridges from various guns.  Did I fire some of these bullets?  I...guess I...kind'a...sort'a did!
Photo: Coiled mosquito repellent.
Photo: Boeing 757 landed Chinese style, at the desert airport of Dunhuang.  No buildings, just a big patch of concrete with a runway, the airplane and a lot of Gobi desert. The Chinese are good at this triumphant kind of interaction between technology and nature.  Very exhiliarating.
Photo: Jing and Herschel's speculum metal mirror.
Photo: Amaya's Saffron capsule.
Photo: Yogos in an egg cup.
Photo: Oil derrick off the Long Beach coast.
Photo: B36, showing its 6 rear-facing propellers and 4 jets.  This was the first intercontinental bomber capable of carrying hydrogen bombs, a precursor to the B52.   The B36 had difficulty escaping the blast from its own bombs and, in a real attack, would probably have knocked itself down.  The jets were used for take off and for speed at the bomb drop site.  This one is in Tucson at the Pima County Air Museum.
Photo: A nuclear bomb.
Photo: Car wheel bra