16 01 Fly AZ Lake Havasu
Jan 25, 2016Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Area flown    arrow to London Bridge
Photo: RV parks and boat marinas on the island
Photo: I saw boats  jet skis  kayaks  &  stand boards on the water
Photo: THREE John Deere tractors brighten my day
Photo: Neat skateboarding park
Photo: Look west  with California on the left  and  AZ island on the right
Photo: My runway  Tahoe and trailer
Photo: Crazy Horse RV Park
Photo: Our RV
Photo: State park campground upriver
Photo: Look SE at London Bridge to the peninsula now island
Photo: Look west into sun over ALL of Crazy Horse RV park
Photo: Karen takes my photo on last flyby
Photo: Fans
Photo: Coot ducks racing me
Photo: Looking uphill SE over Hwy 95
Photo: Rodeo stadium
Photo: Motocross tracks
Photo: Baseball fields AND ICE HOCKEY RINK
Photo: London Bridge from the other side looking NW
Photo: Sketchy golf course on the island
Photo: LOTS of marina boat docks
Photo: Time to land
Photo: Beautiful Lake Havasu lake and city