Field Day 1975
Nov 21, 2008Public
Photo: WA2UOO (now W2GD), WB2FLF (now N2NT) and WB2FCD (now N1OO)
Photo: WB2FCD (now N1OO)
Photo: WA2DSA (now W2SQ) and WB2FCD (now N1OO)
Photo: WB2FCD (now N1OO) and W2SHM
Photo: WB2RKK (now W2RQ), WA2UOO (now W2GD), ??, WB2FCD (now N1OO), and W2REH point at the pitiful excuse for an antenna.
Photo: WB2FLF (now N2NT) checking the SWR
Photo: View of the FD area - looks like WB2RKK (W2RQ) in the dark blue shirt.
Photo: W2SHM cooking some FD food.
Photo: W2FVS (now K2SX) and ??
Photo: Don't know what exactly this shot is supposed to be showing.  The pond is out of the picture to the left.
Photo: Better view of site from across the pond.
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