Stations through the years
Sep 13, 2008Public
Photo: SWL - before first ham license - ca. 1968. Heathkit GR-64 receiver and GD-125 Q-Multiplier
Photo: WA3LXK station in late 1969 or early 1970 - SX-140, Apache, GR-64
Photo: WA3LXK station in mid-1970 - Heathkit HW-100.
Photo: Another view in color this time - late 1970.
Photo: Now WB2AEH, around 1971 or 1972 after moving to NJ.  Added an SB-200 amplifier.  R-390 receiver and Model 15 teletype provided by Navy MARS.
Photo: Club station at WA2NPP, 1977, Collins S/Line: 75S-3C, 32S-3, 62S-1, 30S-1.
Photo: W2PA (such as it was) at U-M, Ann Arbor, MI, 1978.  It counts as a "station" since there's a 2m FM rig there.
Photo: W2PA main station in Holmdel, NJ, in 1979. This is pretty much what it looked like from 1972 through spring 1980. 
By this time I was living in an apartment in Wappingers Falls, NY with not much space for a station.  Wondering why the US is colored in red on the map?  This map goes back to my novice days when I colored in each state as I worked it.  Off to the left is an old scope I used as a transmit monitor, and just peeking in behind the wall and shelf at left is a model 15 teletype machine set up for receive only.
Photo: Same station in Holmdel, NJ after purchasing my C-Line at Dayton in 1980.  HW-100 in second position off to the left.
Photo: I tried moving the C-Line into my apartment in NY.  It didn't work very well.  This is mid-1981.
Photo: New additions in summer 1983!  Number one son born and new IBM PC (the original) distract W2PA from operating.
Photo: Same #1 son, same rig, a few years later in 1989 at first house in Marlboro, NY
Photo: Fast-forward to 2000 still at Marlboro QTH (11-year gap to be filled in when I get more slides scanned) in my corner of the family room. Pre-B-line days, the TR-4 was my first foray into collecting classic gear of my youth. (The SB-200 has been in my station since 1971 so it doesn't count as a "collection" piece. It's my back-up amp.)
Photo: Same station, 2001, after adding the Drake B-Line. It's getting kind of cramped - I think we need a new QTH.
Photo: Me straight ahead standing in my new ham shack - fall 2001 - #1 son standing to left.  It's not quite ready for operating yet.
Photo: The station in May 2002, about one month after moving into the new house. Must fill this up with radios!
Photo: 2003 - Shelves are up.  Added tuner and remote antenna switch.  It's a start.
Photo: 2004 - Installed small equipment shelves to get things more organized.  Added SM-220 monitor, DX-60B/HG-10B and NCS Multi-Switcher.
Photo: 2006 - New amplifier. It's close to the current configuration.  (Back to main site:
Photo: December 2008 - Main station. (W2SQ photo)
Photo: The S/Line station, opposite the main operating desk, December 2008.  (W2SQ photo)   -   (Back to main site:
Photo: April 2012 - mostly the same with DXCC Challenge added to the wall.
Photo: April 2012 - View showing both sides of the station.
Photo: June 2018 - New desk arrangement, SDR, KXA1500