Radio Friends
Nov 18, 2007Public
Photo: Field Day 1973 or possibly 1972, Nokesville, VA.  L-R: WB4SGV (now KT3Y), WB2AEH (now W2PA), unknown ham and WB4LQV.  I projected this slide on the wall and tried to photograph it with my digital camera. It didn't work very well. I guess I'll have to get a slide scanner.
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Photo: WB4MRI at FD 1974, Nokesville, VA - W2PA's mobile.  Another one I'll have to re-scan properly.
Photo: WA3LXK/4 FD 1974
WA2LQZ (now K1AR) and WA3PHG (now K4SO)

(location approximate)
Photo: K2WK at WA2NPP club station, 1977
Photo: WB2GVE at WA2NPP club station in 1977 - Complete S/Line station including the 62S-1 transverter.
Photo: WA2NLP, W2PA and K1OD at the WA2NPP tower - 1977
Photo: W2RQ and N2NT working at Bill's station - might be 1979 (probably sometime between 1976 and 1980). -W2SQ photo
Photo: WA8YVR (now N9RV) at a hospitality suite, Dayton 1982. Other hams unidentified (for now).
Photo: Hospitality suite, Dayton 1982.  K1AR and W3LPL, second and third from left.  Others unidentified (for now).
Photo: N2BU and W2SQ, Dayton 1982.  W2PA mobile in the foreground.
Photo: W2SQ and K5GN hobnob with K1GQ manning the Cushcraft booth at Dayton 1982.  Looks like K1AR in the foreground wearing the blue tee shirt.
Photo: K1AR spins the tuning knob on the new TS-930 at Dayton 1982.  W2SQ in the background photographs W2PA taking this photo.
Photo: K3UA, N2BU and K1AR mug for the camera with the newly purchased TS-830 for the W2CXM club station - at Dayton 1982.
Photo: K5GN and W2PA at the 1982 Dayton Hamvention (W2SQ photo), W2PA about to take the next picture.
Photo: W2SQ and K5GN at Dayton 1982 - this time with W2PA taking the picture.  Looks like SQ is changing film.  Remember film?
Photo: Dayton 1983 - W2SQ, K1RT, K1AR, K1DG, W2PA. One hairy bunch of hams.   Note that this is the same group that founded the Holiday Eyeball QSO at W1AW much later (see later photos).
Photo: W2RQ and W2SQ at a Dayton 1983 hospitality suite.
Photo: W2SQ, KA2KKJ operating W2PA FD 1991
Photo: The first of many Holiday Eyeball QSOs, at CQ Magazine in December 1992.  L-R, K1DG, W2PA, W2SQ, K1AR, K1RT.
Photo: The first of many Holiday Eyeball QSOs, at CQ Magazine in December 1992.  K1DG, W2PA, W2SQ, K1AR, K1RT
Photo: K1AR at CQ Magazine, December 1992
Photo: W2SQ in K1AR's office, December 1992
Photo: 1994 Holiday Eyeball QSO at CQ Magazine.
Photo: 2001 Holiday Eyeball QSO  -  
Upstairs at W1AW.