Nanda Devi Trek - Lata Kharak - Nov 09
Feb 27, 2010Public
Photo: Clear Day at Auli. Cant ask for a better first day of the Trek. This is my 3rd visit to Auli but i think it had never been and will never be as beautifull as this.
Photo: Mt.Neelkanth . Enroute to Lata roadhead from Joshimath. Jus observe the clear blue sky in all the pics.
Photo: Hot sulphur springs enroute to Lata Road head. Mt.Dhunagiri is visible int he back ground. The pointed hill right infront of the snow covered peak is our destination.
Photo: Trek team. Me , Kalyan , our guide and 2 porters. Startin off on what would be a steep journey
Photo: As the climb starts , the brilliant beauty of the valley unfolds. Dhauliganga river cutting through the rugged terrain
Photo: This is what i would call a rugged terrain
Photo: Sacred Nandadevi temple at Lata Village. Read a lot about this temple in "The Nandadevi affair" . Infact this book is the sole inspiration for this trek. The holy water they offer to goddess here is "Alchohol"(pretty pure form, i would say).  A lamb was beheaded right infront of my eyes here. Jus reminded me tht i was a die-hard non vegetarian. Overall , looking back at this trek , i still retain the feel of this location.
Photo: All the village women were sitting at the temple and chatting jus some light funny talk. They were waiting for the "prasad" which would be alchohol and some bitter snack. I was told tht thr would be a big feast of that beheaded lamb tht day. I thought i was in a tribal remote land , but this seems to be a party Zone...:). Left the place with some thoughts about "happiness in life"
Photo: Leaving the "Happy Hamlet" behind me n marching into the woods.
Photo: Trek Route. Decorated by the Autumn version of Nature
Photo: Beautifull colour contrast
Photo: A walk through the woods. We saw the many foot prints of animals on the way which we thought belonged to some buffaloes. But we were later calmly told by the guide tht some of them were of leopards n tigers. We pissed in our pants coz for most post we were walking alone , far away from each other
Photo: Camping Site for Day 1. Brilliantly choosen by our Guide. It was right on the edge of the hill tht we got wonderfull views of entire vally from auli to Niti.
Photo: Pretty campsite
Photo: Down and out in the garden of "Bhang". Kalyan couldnt handle this surprise tht there could be natural garden of his favourite tree out thr in the open and we will camp thr. For him the trek was already worth it.
Photo: View of the Valley below form the Campsite
Photo: The chillin (out) evenin has started. Kalyan was stumped with "Gods Creation" while i enjoyed "Holy water of goddess" . With some spicy snacks , awesome views around and floyd it was simply brilliant
Photo: Camp fire to beat the cold
Photo: Early morning view of Ronti Saddle
Photo: First rays of sun over the high rise peaks. It was freakin cold at our camp and we were desperately waitin for the sun
Photo: Road Block :)
Photo: Almost at the top. It was an extremely tiring climb. But out of nowhere this view came into picture and all exhaustion is gone. If this was surprising to us , then we really has no clue about the entire panorama waitin for us out thr
Photo: Mrigthuni (Plz correct me if i m wrong)