Rio Grande Stables in Taos Ski Valley
Jul 31, 2011Public
Photo: Chris Osborne & wife, Sept.'11 Wheeler Peak w/RGS
Photo: Gold Hill
Photo: Full day rides see from the mountain tops with Rio Grande Stables
Photo: Little People, Big World - 20008
Photo: Bull of the Woods Trail
Photo: High Mountain views in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains
Photo: Early season in the Taos Mountains
Photo: Great Views!
Photo: Ride up above treeline in the Taos Mountains with Rio Grande Stables
Photo: Unique rides with Rio Grande Stables; early season
Photo: Long Canyon Trail
Photo: Ride with Rio Grande Stables to Mountain top lakes
Photo: Aspens & Pines
Photo: Hat or helmet, ride our gentle horses at Rio Grande Stables
Photo: Local Guide, Robert Quintena
Photo: View wildlife with Rio Grande Stables
Photo: Mountain Bighorn
Photo: Wildlife veiwings are always a treat from horseback
Photo: Sharing the horsetrail with other four hoofed critters.
Photo: Early summer trail maintanence helps us ride horseback all summer long.
Photo: Rock Nettle
Photo: Bob Powell has been managing Rio Grande Stables for over 14 years.