Big Bend Stables
Jul 30, 2011Public
Photo: Onorio Orosco; Lajitas Stables; Terlingua
Photo: Located next door to the Big Bend Resort and Adventure, just south of the junction of TX Hwy 118 and FM170.
Photo: Desert Riding
Photo: Yes! It's hot in the Summer time; that's why we ride in the mornings!
Photo: Best Lunch Around!
Photo: Linda's Wine - Brand
Photo: Explore abandoned Quicksilver towns
Photo: All riders are instructed thoroughly before leaving the corrals.
Photo: Typical Chihuahaun Desert Trails
Photo: It only takes a few minutes to get away from "town" and off into the wilderness.
Photo: Armando veiws Big Bend Ranch State Park
Photo: Armondo knows the territory!
Photo: Vacation Packages at Ten Bits Ranch B&B
Photo: Riders of all sizes join us on TrailRides!
Photo: Vacation packages at Ten Bits Ranch B&B
Photo: Even the starkest of desert terrian has hidden beauty!
Photo: The Study Butte Mine was operated as late as the 1970's
Photo: Summer Monsoons are a welcome sight in the desert.
Photo: Indianhead is named for the real thing!
Photo: Where rainbows wait for rain.
Photo: Come have a blast!
Photo: Sunset rides leave all with lasting memories.
Photo: Horseback Trail rides near Big Bend National Park.