Lajitas Stables, Texas
Jul 31, 2011Public
Photo: View Big Bend Ranch State Park
Photo: by B. Parvin
Photo: Onorio Orosco; Lajitas Stables; Terlingua
Photo: Working a Round Up
Photo: Rider in the sky.
Photo: Big Bend Ranch State Park by horseback.
Photo: Your guide, Janelle, knows her business when it comes to Trail  Rides
Photo: Discover the Archeology of times past.
Photo: Tools of the trade
Photo: Our string of gentle horses grew up on the terrain.
Photo: Rainy season along the Rio Grande.
Photo: Riding in the Chihuahuan Desert from our Lajitas Stables is very rewarding.
Photo: Big Bend Ranch State Park viewing of the Rio Grande and Madera Canyon.
Photo: Trailside lunches make the day!
Photo: Gentle horses make for a perfect mountain ride.
Photo: Saddle and Paddle Combo trips are a must while in Big Bend.
Photo: Our string of horses are at home in the Big Bend and Rio Grande region.
Photo: Find the oasis' of the Chihuahuan Desert with
Photo: Arroyo Primera on Buena Suerte Overnight
Photo: Saddle Bag Picnic Lunches.
Photo: Discovery
Photo: La Cueva
Photo: Explore on overnight horseback trip.
Photo: Secret corners in the desert.