INIB Conference 07
Nov 14, 2007Public
Photo: Billy Douglas Honey Judge having a birds eye view.
Photo: Cecil McMullan honey judge, Gail Orr Show Manager, Iona Mark steward (discussing who left there hats at home).
Photo: Hugh Keery Chairman Mid Antrim BBKA, Tim Lovett Chairman BBKA, Bill Turnbull President INIB, Sesi Turnbull, Michael Young Chairman INIB.
Photo: Invite by the President for some new beekeepers.
Photo: Excellence at its best.
Photo: Joe and friend having a chat.
Photo: Joe and guests enjoying a lighter side of the conference.
Photo: Just a few frames.
Photo: Leo receiving his Honey Judge cert from Bill.
Photo: Mead for the tasting.
Photo: President Bill Turnbull and Hugh Keery Chairman Mid Antrim BKA welcomes all the geusts on behalf of Mid Antrim BKA, looked on by Chairman INIB Michael Young.
Photo: President Bill Turnbull presenting John Eaton with a trophy for his winning exhibit.
Photo: Good selection of bee produce at its best.
Photo: Sesi and Susy talking about bee's!
Photo: Speaker and Chairman BBKA Tim Lovett addressing the guests.
Photo: Speaker Jaquie Bunse apiary Inspector British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Food Vancouver BC.
Photo: Speaker Scott Gordon Commercial Beekeeper British Columbia Vancouver BC.
Photo: Speaker Thomas Williamson Senior bee inspector DARD.
Photo: Tim Lovett receives a gift from INIB.
Photo: Tom Canning receiving his Honey Badge Certificate from President Bill Turnbull.
Photo: Two more questions for Scott.
Photo: Vera Crawford showing Gail and Billy what they should be looking for!!!.
Photo: Wax and wain.
Photo: Bill, Tim and Sesi applauds Cecil the piper.