INIB Honey judges at the Yorkshire Show June 07
Jul 24, 2007Public
Photo: Michael Badger MBE and Master Honey judge discussing finer points with Michael Young.
Photo: Billy Douglas INIB Judge, Steve Geust Honey Judge, takes a break from the judging.
Photo: Candles, mead, stewards and judges.
Photo: Cecil McMullen INIB Judge, Vivian Brown Senior British Judge, Ivor Flatman, INIB Judge discussing a jar of light honey.
Photo: Gail Orr INIB Judge watching the Master Scottish Judge Leslie Webster
Photo: Hugh McBride INIB Judge, listens to the conclusion from Bernard Diaper Senior British Honey Judge and Leslie Webster Scottish Honey Judge.
Photo: Bernard Billy Douglas and friend shadowing Bernard Diaper Senior British honey judge in judging liquid honey.
Photo: Excellent cakes of beeswax that would all take a prize at the National honey show.
Photo: Mead (you can not get better than this).
Photo: Michael Young and Dennis Atkinson INIB judge discussing the merits of a good exhibit.
Photo: With 307 entries and 3 exhibitors completing their assessment for their Senior Honey Judge you need all the hands you can get.