May 15 2012 Veggies
May 15, 2012Public
Photo: Currant bushes after weeding out hundreds of wild poppies, although I have left a few to flower
Photo: Flowers on my peas!
Photo: Was really surprised to see this yesterday, I must hurry up and get the straw mulch down and the netting in place!
Photo: Little Gem lettuce that got a head start inside this (cheap and nasty) frame
Photo: Batavia lettuce out in the open, it's only about an inch tall!
Photo: Still, we have plenty of Purple Sprouting Broccoli to eat. Do you like my cane tops?
Photo: Purple Curly Kale gone to seed but I leave it as long as possible for the bees which love the flowers
Photo: Spuds! The bigger earlies are Belle de Fontenay and the smaller ones are maincrop Desiree. Ignore the weeds, they'll be gone when I earth them up. Self seeded coriander in the background.
Photo: Last year I left the salsify to flower as we didn't like the root much. Here's one that self seeded from last year's seed. The flowers are a pretty blue but the seeds are like dandelion heads, hence self seeding everywhere!