Parasitised Large White Butterfly Caterpillar
Oct 12, 2012Public
Photo: Larvae emerging from Large White butterfly (Pieris brassicae) caterpillar, which has been parasitised by a Braconid wasp, probably Cotesia glomerata
Photo: You can just see the cocooning starting here
Photo: Following day, all cocooned up - and I shouldn't have detached it from the caterpillar, which is still alive! They need each other.......
Photo: Not to worry, here's another one! Red Velvet mite is unrelated I think, but the little wasp is very interesting....
Photo: It is very possible that this little wasp is now trying to parasitise these larvae! It is possible she is an Ichneumon wasp called Lysibia nanus.
Photo: I can't be sure from these photos (damn it that I only had a compact camera, but it was raining!) - she has an ovipositor that is pointing in the right direction - at the time I did not realise the significance until I researched the lifecycle of this parastism - so the larvae of the Cotesia glomerata can themselves be parasitised by another parasitic wasp!