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Photo: Bumble Bee heading towards Kale Flowers
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IDing is too hard, I think this is a Carder bee, either Bombus pascuorum or humilis. There's a little weevil hiding in the flowers too.

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Photo: Hairy-footed Flower Bee (Anthophora plumipes)
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I've been seeing these fluffy grey bees recently on my kale flowers and also on my wallflowers. Only just managed to capture some yesterday and then I spent about 2 hours IDing it this morning!
This solitary bee can come in varying different colours and this grey form is a male. You can't see the hairy middle leg and foot so well in this photo but I have another one where it is very apparent.  The males have white faces too.

More info about them and colour variations: (this is an excellent site for bee, wasp and ant ID).

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Photo: Little Solitary Bee on my Kale Flowers
Edit: ID is Andrena flavipes
Every year I leave my winter brassicas to flower because they are loved by all kinds of bee. I haven't been seeing so many honey bees around this year though - normally these flowers are really alive with them.
Taken with my SX50.

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Photo: Bee on blackberry flowers
This is from mid October when I was in England. What was remarkable here were the brand new flowers on these brambles/blackberries. The fruit is usually ready for picking in August so these canes must have had a second flush!

Oh and the other remarkable thing was that the sky was this colour in England. ;-)

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Photo: Memories of summer
My Coneflowers are now brown and messy but the birds have been eating the seeds so I won't be cutting off the stems until the seeds are all gone. Here's a reminder of what they look like at their best, attracting butterflies (a Red Admiral) and bumble bees. There must have been a spider on them at some point too. :-)

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Photo: Honey Bee on Sedum Flowers
This is from back in early September. I don't expect to see any more until next spring so it's back to the archives for bees now. :-)

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Photo: Hitchhikers, or mite they be having a Buggy Lunch?
I have had a quick research into these mites and I believe they may actually be just hitching a ride to somewhere else on this bumble bee. From what I've read they become a problem when there are too many of them on the 'free ride', and that's when the insect they are attached to can die or suffer due to the sheer weight of them, and being unable to get around to feed properly.  There are some images on google showing bees completely covered in these mites. This one was 'lucky' in that it only had mites around the head area.
There's one report I read about dunking the bees into water which makes the mites drop off!

Whatever it is they are doing, they remind me of baked beans! Yummy :-)

Edit: Apparently they are hitching a ride to another nest and are probably mites from the genus Parasitellus.

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Photo: A honey bee going about its business on a Dahlia (Bishop of Llandaff).
Our weather has been naff this last 10 days or so although perfect for shifting delivered firewood and being stuck inside doing things with all the harvested fruit and veg. So posting this to remind me of sunnier days that have been and gone, and that if I am to believe the weather forecast, are coming back again from the weekend!

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Photo: Funky Bee on Ragwort
I discovered from the dark side (aka facebook) that BeFunky has now added textures so I've been having a play around with that - it's great fun! This is a solitary bee and that's all I can tell you, other than I took this shot whilst butterfly hunting on a coastal headland, oops I forgot to have a paddle in the sea as there were too many tourists about but the butterflies were more interesting anyway!

Another thing I have learned this week from not coming onto G+ very much (except to reply to a few posts/curate) is that it is still as easy to waste/spend as much time on the computer! I did however manage to spend my time a bit more productively.

I think what I may have to do to manage my time here better is to not acknowledge everyone's thank yous to me for my commenting on their photos... so please take it that I acknowledge because I see it in an email if you tag my name, and if there is a question/conversation continuing I can reply if necessary. :-/ Sorry but the curating takes up too much time here.

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Photo: Bumble Bee landing on a Poppy
When this flower opened a few weeks ago I went out to take a photo of it as +Rosie Nixon had reminded me she curates a theme called +Poppy Pics. All of a sudden this bumble bee came along and photobombed my picture!
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Photo: Sleepy Bee on Clematis flower
I'm seeing quite a lot of sleeping bees, not just bumble bees but even tiny ones seemingly fast asleep inside flowers! This one was kind to pose for me on this pretty flower. I think it was just waking up after a long lie in. :-)
The clematis is 'The President' by the way. Fabulous flowers.

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Photo: Here's another bee feeding, this time a bumble bee of some sort feeding on the flowers of my purple curly kale. The kale has had to come out to make way for courgettes and tomatoes, but they are still feeding on the very last of my other winter brassica, purple sprouting broccoli, although now that I have phacelia flowering they have all migrated to that. I'd urge anyone who has a bit of space and wants to attract and help bees, to grow some phacelia, it's incredible how much they love it!

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Photo: Hungry Bee on a Thistle
Saw this pretty bee on holiday in Spain and I've managed to ID it to the genus Anthidium which are the mason or potter bees. I've never seen a bee with pale bluey grey eyes before so was really pleased to find this one! It's not alone as there were teeny beetles on the flower too and there's one just emerging from the depths in this shot too.

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Photo: Not entirely sure where bee ends and buttercup begins, or is that the other way round? Whatever, it's having a lovely feast!

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Taken with my SX50 which I'm beginning to like better than my macro lens...... it's not so sensitive to wind movement as the macro lens, and wind we have had in abundance of late.
Photo: Carder Bee 7 March 2013
Photo: Carder Bee on a pink primrose
Photo: Bee on Caryopteris

I treated myself to this new shrub last month because (1) I'd wanted one for a while and (2) when I saw the amount of bees all over it in the garden centre, I HAD to have it! In fact I had to remove several reluctant bees before I could take the plant to the check out till!

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Photo: Bee on a Marigold

Taken in late September

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Photo: Bumble Bee on a Sunflower
Photo: Bumble Bee shared to a community
Photo: Bumble Bee on a Marigold

Having to look back through old photos - this one was taken 22 Sept 2012. Same fluffy bee I shared last Thursday, just a different shot of it!
Photo: Bee on a Sunflower
Photo: Bumble Bee on Sunflower