Macro Feather Shots 2013
Mar 1, 2013Public
Photo: Once upon a time this was a pretty little blue and white image of a feather with a water droplet all lovingly prepared for #macrofeatherfriday . But then I noticed The Thing Within The Droplet . Since then every time I've viewed this image it has changed, morphed, warped, got harsher and uglier and hotter and hotter until I fear that The Thing will burst out and then who knows what dreadful fate will befall me. So I must at once post this image here in the hope that the AAF team can help keep The Thing firmly trapped in the bubble forever more, and we shall all be safe.

For +Alien Abduction Friday curated by +Alex Lapidus +Heiko Mahr +Karl Geiger +Karl Geiger Jr +Michele Cornelius +Jon Beall and +Irene Kato #alienabductionfriday 
And for #macrofeatherfriday curated by +Robin Griggs Wood and +E.E. Giorgi
Photo: Here's one I prepared earlier ;-)

Many thanks to the lovely ladies at +Macro Monday for choosing this week's mini theme 'Feathers' as that's somewhat up my street. I just happened to have a macrofeatherfriday shot waiting in the wings..... :-)

For #macromonday curated by +Kerry Murphy +Kelli Seeger Kim and +Jennifer Eden
#macroforall    by +Bill Urwin, +Chris Levers  +Mark O'Callaghan   +Walter Soestbergen (+Macro4All )
+HQSP Macro curated by +Vinod Krishnamoorthy +Vishal Kumar and +Sandra Deichmann #hqspmacro  
Photo: It's #macrofeatherfriday ! Just pink and blue fluffy frou frous, the complete antithesis to Friday bugs and aliens. Enjoy!

Curated by +Robin Griggs Wood and +E.E. Giorgi
Also for +ColorsOnFriday curated by +Britta Rogge and +Karsten Meyer #colorsonfriday  
Photo: I've had a new feather shoot which has been great fun. The colours here come from my props which are none other than just 'things' I find floating about on my complete mess of a desk :-)

I'm a little worried though, as I'm starting to see less than natural things in some of my droplets. I feel the #alienabductionfriday forces have come for me at last. In the droplet I can see the ribcage of an extra terrestrial and I blame it on +Marianne Skov Jensen as her Alien Activity Detector is working so well now it is starting to detect paranormal activity in her friend's posts too. This is scary stuff.
Photo: Bright, sunny and a little bit wet, just like our weather this week :-)
Photo: Tangerine Tango feather
Photo: Duck down caught on a bramble thorn
Photo: Natural droplets from rain, taken outside.