2010-07-19, Knott Tying
Feb 11, 2014Public
Photo: Fun meeting and educational
Photo: Jimmy telling it how it is
Photo: A good discussion
Photo: "this is how."
Photo: Knot-tying dialog
Photo: The interested club members looking on
Photo: Jimmy revealing knot-tying secrets
Photo: Jimmy: "I'm here to help you."
Photo: A family time, getting some hot dogs.
Photo: Diggin' in
Photo: Fixin' them dawgs
Photo: Jimmy: "That's all folks."
Photo: Steve: "This is where you catch them, along the pads" at a Lake Deaton stop after the meeting
Photo: On the pier at Lake Deaton with Steve and Randy
Photo: Lake Deaton—from the pier
Photo: Steve and Randy looking over Lake Deaton after the knot-tying meeting
Photo: Steve and Randy
Photo: Boat ramp at Lake Okahumpka with Steve and Randy in background—after the meeting
Photo: Yummy!  Luv them dawgs!
Photo: Jackie cooking a mean dawg
Photo: Fun dialog
Photo: Jimmy: "I'm gonna tell you...."
Photo: "Okay, we're listening"
Photo: "Maybe we'll learn how to catch a Florida Bass"