December 6, 2014
Dec 5, 2014Public
Video: Tofu vs. beef burger cook-off

First and last annual Tofu vs. beef burger cook-off at Dalian American International School at Patrick Herding's house. Patrick on the beef and Terrell Neuage on the tofu.
A section from 'The life and times of an Adelaide tofu maker' an e-book taking shape at This is part one of the cook-off – another clip that highlights more of the beef burger and Patrick's stories is in the making.
The fortunate hand-picked chosen participants at the first and last annual tofu vs beef burner cook off were: Narda Biemond, Patrick Herding, Sean Fagan, Jean O'Neil, Terrell Neuage. Filming by Joaquin.
This is a short film for the AdobeGenPro: Video - Week 5 (Dec 14 - Dec 21) course I am doing: