Victoria Falls Zimbabwe and Zambia
Nov 24, 2011Public
Photo: My country number 100! (according to Travellers Century Clubs country list and rules)
Photo: Zimbabwe - the country with so many problems, but also with this natural wonder, Victoria Falls
Photo: Victoria Falls -hotel entrance
Photo: Victoria Falls -hotel yard
Photo: About this you could say a room with a view!
Photo: David Livingstone (and Pirkko)
Photo: The beginning of the falls
Photo: First peak to the main area
Photo: The amount of water was quite low at the end of dry season - on the other hand you could see the structure of the falls better than at the end of wet season
Photo: The height of the falls is about 100 meters
Photo: The falls and some white mist
Photo: And some more water
Photo: The tourist (here Pirkko) at Victoria Falls
Photo: Lasse at Victoria Falls
Photo: Rainforest near the falls - because of the amount of water in the air the whole time
Photo: An inhabitant in the rain forest
Photo: Approaching the boarder to Zambia
Photo: Quite a view this also
Photo: No rainforest here any more
Photo: And more white mist
Photo: We weren't actually all alone there ...
Photo: And the famous bridge built by Cecil Rhodes
Photo: Quite short shadow
Photo: African craft to buy - ok we bought one zebra, one guinea fowl and one ostrich egg - but none of them from this market