Faroe Islands - Statues
Jul 12, 2013Public
Photo: About the first thing we saw starting to explore the city from our hotel (Hotel Streym)
Photo: Nice thinker
Photo: Next stop - tourist office - and in case you need company, here you have a guy to sit next to
Photo: If you look closely you can see that I'm part of this piece of art
Photo: Next to Torshavn Municipality building
Photo: This one is in the harbour
Photo: Another view of the statue in harbour
Photo: Sheep at Nordic House in Torshavn
Photo: Sheep a bit closes
Photo: Still closer ...
Photo: And really close, just one of them :-)
Photo: This guy is waiting for you to come and visit the Nordic House
Photo: These got tired while waiting ...
Photo: Inside Nordic House
Photo: Another view of him
Photo: Nordic house, inner yard
Photo: Still at Nordic House, but just next to ordinary houses
Photo: This dive was probably a bit hard, through the stone, at the swimming pool
Photo: Just somewhere in the town, in inner yard
Photo: In the park, in the forest - spooky
Photo: In the park, meditating
Photo: In the park, nice place to stay
Photo: Would you want to try doing this ...?
Photo: Visiting tourist info also in Klaksvik (next biggest city after Torshavn on Faroe Islands)