Mma Ramotswe -town (Gaborone)
Nov 14, 2011Public
Photo: Zebra Way (in books Zebra Drive)
Photo: Mma Ramotswe house (or actually the plot, the house has been rebuilt since 1980 when McCallSmith used it to describe Mma Ramotswe's house on Debra Drive)
Photo: A house similar to the style McCallSmith "used" for J.L.B. Matekoni's house
Photo: Somewhere here could the Speedy Motors on Tlokweng Road have been
Photo: Riverwalk Mall
Photo: A poorer area of the town where Mma Makutsi lived before she could afford to move behind the African Mall
Photo: And The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency - a bit fallen down already as it's a few years since the filming took place here
Photo: The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency books in local shop
Photo: Africa Insight (the car behind Pirkko) took us around Gaborone and Mochudi to visit the important places for the books
Photo: Mochudi church where Mma Ramotswe once got married to the trumpette player
Photo: Mochudi school where also Precious Ramotswe went as young girl
Photo: The view over Mochudi village - known to cure depression, at least the time J.L.B. Matekoni was depressed (at really, this was an exceptionally nice view, with the village, a small creek and some cattle)
Photo: President Hotel with it's veranda
Photo: Pirkko enjoying a cup of red bush tea in President Hotel now Mma Ramotswe Tea Corner
Photo: A view to the square from President Hotel veranda with the various traders there
Photo: A shoe shop for Mma Makutsi to visit on the Gaborone Main Mall
Photo: (This is not related to the books any more - Nokia E7 promoted at Riverwalk mall.)
Photo: The most common selection of merchandise offered in central Gaborone: some candies, some fruits and some talk time for the mobile phones
Photo: Apparently DualSim is in demand also in Africa (not only in India)
Photo: The big statues from North Korea in the administrative area in Gaborone
Photo: Pirkko listening to a lecture in Botswana history
Photo: The three important men of Botswana
Photo: Also on the 100 pula note
Photo: And finally, our hotel in Gaborone (Gaborone Sun) (with Lasse also in the picture)