Yoga TTC - Chiang Mai, Thailand - 14 July to 9 Aug 2011
Sep 13, 2011Public
Photo: Jeenal teaching Yoga Philosophy
Photo: Daniel teaching the participant to perform Virabhadrasan - The Warrior Pose
Photo: Daniel teaching the particpants a variation of Virabhadrasana - The Warrior Pose
Photo: Daniel teaching Namaskaram
Photo: Participant practices asanas as Daniel guides ther through
Photo: Ziggy practcing Bakasana
Photo: Antonie and Ziggy showing their Yoga conceptual activity!
Photo: A lot of Yoga Experiential Learning!
Photo: Jeenal conducting a Methodology class on how to teach Yoga to Kids!
Photo: Yoga Faith Game!
Photo: Daniel teaching Ardhamatsyendrasana!
Photo: Participants doing Yogic Kriya - Jalneti for nasal cleansing!
Photo: Jeenal conducting the Anatomy class!
Photo: Certification day after the particpants cleared the examination successfully!
Photo: Certification day! The participants recieved internationally recognised Yoga teachet training certifcates after successfully passing the examination!