Lady Liberty
Jun 27, 2011Public
Photo: The Put In at the Park
Photo: An odd offering was found waiting for us
Photo: Heading out
Photo: There she be!
Photo: Our fearless leader
Photo: I wonder how many tourist photos we are in....
Photo: Go no closer!
Photo: Heavy ferry traffic made navigating interesting....there were also helicopters buzzing over us at times!
Photo: Gathering for a group photo. The current took us for a ride during this.
Photo: Dare we?
Photo: Hmm....but absolutely no signs here
Photo: Onward!
Photo: and under we go
Photo: Uh oh...heading right towards us with blue lights flashing!
Photo: But officer.....but...but.... (they were actually very nice about it)
Photo: Moving right along, Ground Zero in the background
Photo: The old train station at Liberty State Park
Photo: Jersey City skyline
Photo: Gail and the Verrazano
Photo: The Nature Center at Liberty State Park