Belgian Peak (6110m) - Mustang, Muktinath, Purkung Himal area:
Apr 11, 2012Public
Photo: On 02/04/2012, Objective are 2 unclimbeb  6110m & 6195m summits in Purkung Himals above Muktinath.
Photo: Trace of the way to the 6110m summit
Photo: Google Earth view from little above muktinath to the summit.
Photo: First summit at 6110m in Purkung Himals. Second summit at 6195m on the back. Andre & Erik resting at 6110m.
Photo: The two summits (6110m & 6195m) viewed from Gyu Danda summit at 5126m
Photo: The 2 paths: ascending on left in snow but not enough. We will pass on right side...
Photo: The top view of steepy ascent on right side
Photo: Summits view from Gyu Danda top.
Photo: Larger view from Gyu Danda top.
Photo: Steepy way view. Nice on snow but too hard in unstable stony way.
Photo: Gletcher start from pass at 5700m, on left side
Photo: Again an overview...
Photo: First camping at 4450m in some old karka at 3-4h up from Muktinath.
Photo: One of the 3 porters
Photo: 3 of them preparing tea...
Photo: The objective again ...
Photo: Right side view from the pass at 5700m in the morning
Video: 360° view from the pass at 5700m
Photo: On the way at 5700m
Photo: Right side view from 5650m
Photo: On the way too ...