PodCamp UK 2007
Aug 19, 2011Public
Photo: fromt he Night Nurse Show no less!
Photo: Podcaster, DJ and Podcamp UK organiser
Photo: I think Twatter is a good name for it, myself...
Photo: Social Networking session
Photo: ...is not a weatherman.
Photo: Social Networking session
Photo: Smile please! Only in 3 characters though :-)
Photo: Mine! Mine
Photo: My session on Music Rights and Podcasting, web Zero style!
Photo: of the utterly insane and brilliant PJK Productions
Photo: and I think the feeling is mutual...
Photo: still isn't a weatherman, but seems to be praying for rain here.
Photo: yep I'm crap at remembering names. Get your badge in shot next time, preferably with a 10 foot neon banner saying 'MY NAME IS GEORGE' and I might remember.
Photo: They're editing a podcast AT the conference??!
Photo: of Podshow and Britcaster fame. I didn't stalk him from afar, honest, I did speak to him...
Photo: Yes he is a geek, even if he doth protest too much! 

PodCamp Uk organiser and altogether wonderful Mr FixIt for the weekend working very hard...
Photo: wonder what the DM stands for? Does he like Depeche Mode?
Photo: back view.

I could insert a comment here, but I won't.