James's Wedding
Aug 27, 2011Public
Photo: Waiting for Kellie
Photo: Outside the Church
Photo: Amazing view
Photo: I Have A Message For You, Rudey.
Photo: Catalogue Pose!
Photo: Yes I looked like a magician. This is my suit from 1900 plus Lindsay tartan silk waistcoat, and dickie bow tie.
Photo: Would be a moody shot if it wasn't for Glyn lurking trying to photobomb it...
Photo: I wwuzzz reaaallly rrrrrather drrrrunnkkk
Photo: I'll eat my hat...literally.
Photo: Lord of the manor 3
Photo: Keep Feeling Fascinators! Fascinator: Judgement Day. Really I think she had the best deal in this hatswap.
Photo: I'll put a swimming pool over there...
Photo: Lord of the manor pose!
Photo: It may say Parma but you're not supposed to eat it, Tim...
Photo: The old gang!
Photo: Chopsticks, or more likely techno chords....
Photo: Cubist?
Photo: Hartfield Manor
Photo: Walking home