Ajahn Sumedho in Prague (1996)
Jul 16, 2013Public
Photo: Ajahn Sumedho at the old astronomical clock at Old Town square in Prague in 1996 (L)
At the Konopiste castle (R)
Photo: Ajahn Sumedho at Karlstejn castle (above)
Visiting the Friends of Dhamma group (below)
Photo: At Karlstejn castle
Photo: At Strahov monastery in Prague
Photo: At the library of Strahov monastery and overlooking Prague
Photo: Ajahn Sumedho visiting the chief rabbi in Prague with the Thai ambassador
Photo: Ajahn Sumedho with the statue of Jan Hus in Prague
Photo: Ajahn Sumedho and Ajahn Jutindharo walking on Charles bridge with Prague castle in the background
Photo: Walking on Charles bridge and inside the main cathedral
Photo: Ajahn Sumedho giving a Dhamma talk at the Philosophical faculty of Charles University in Prague
Photo: Translating Ajahn Sumedho's Dhamma talk at Charles university
Photo: Ajahn Sumedho giving another Dhamma talk
Photo: Ajahn Sumedho speaking on Dhamma in the philosophy classroom where I attended lectures on phenomenology and existentialism