Around Monument Peak
Aug 6, 2017Public
Photo: Sign frames made from burned timbers
Photo: Nuck Woodward Canyon sign
Photo: A message to the Forest Service
Photo: Climbing above the canyon bottom
Photo: Bear claw marks going 20 feet up an aspen tree
Photo: Bear claw marks in an aspen tree
Photo: Little brown jug
Photo: And, they're off!
Photo: First Canyon
Photo: Fireweed (Chamaenerion angustifolium)
Photo: Nuck Woodward Canyon
Photo: Sawmill Canyon trailhead
Photo: Sawmill Canyon trail
Photo: Large cairn at a creek crossing
Photo: Trail through burned trees and Fireweed
Photo: Steam boiler in Sawmill Canyon
Photo: Steam boiler in Sawmill Canyon
Photo: My poor dog, covered in stickers
Photo: Looking down Second Water Canyon toward Price
Photo: Hazy, black and white shot showing Price and Pinnacle Peak
Photo: Castle Valley Ridge
Photo: Monument Peak seen from Castle Valley Ridge
Photo: 1914 aspen carving
Photo: J.D.B. 7/27/1920