JOTR and Beyond
Feb 12, 2017Public
Photo: Ready for departure away from all this snow
Photo: Leaving Carbon County
Photo: Sunset along I-15 north of Cedar City
Photo: Nipton Road over I-15
Photo: Tasty beverages chilling in snow I brought from home
Photo: Camp at Sheep Corral
Photo: Chris doing some night photography
Photo: Sheep Corral
Photo: Morning at Sheep Corral
Photo: Marble Mountains
Photo: Sheep Corral
Photo: Bare trees in Sheep Corral
Photo: Sheep Corral
Photo: Sheep Corral
Photo: Cactus growing in a vertical crack
Photo: Coyote melon (Cucurbita palmata)
Photo: Lion sculpture east of Amboy
Photo: Route 66 road signage
Photo: Amboy, CA 92304
Photo: Amboy Crater and lava flow
Photo: Cars backed up at the entrance to Joshua Tree
Photo: Fun Stuff
Photo: Wandering around near Hidden Valley campground
Photo: Climber