Big Hole and Lost Spring Washes
Jan 28, 2018Public
Photo: Glen Brady and Bernell Christensen, 1966
Photo: Devon Brady 1956
Photo: Smith Pond petroglyphs
Photo: Human and small animal figure
Photo: Deer petroglyph
Photo: View from the cliffs above Smith Pond
Photo: John Martin inscription
Photo: Cowboy
Photo: CCC camp
Photo: Tent platform
Photo: Concrete foundation
Photo: Parking spot at Cement Crossing
Photo: Drill hole and wires
Photo: Big Hole Wash
Photo: Mano
Photo: Carved cross
Photo: Approaching the petroglyphs
Photo: Heavily patinated petroglyphs
Photo: Human figure with...uh...three legs
Photo: Unusual glyph
Photo: Another heavily patinated panel
Photo: Sheep petroglyphs of differing ages
Photo: Weird lines
Photo: Lots of lines and newer sheep petroglyphs