Willow Creek and Reservation Ridge
Sep 21, 2017Public
Photo: Fremont pictographs
Photo: DStretch enhancement brings out the faded figures
Photo: Pictographs on a nearly horizontal surface
Photo: Rock shelter beneath an overhang
Photo: Bobcat skeleton
Photo: Bobcat skull
Photo: Sandstone ledges near the rock art
Photo: Another small rock shelter with a few artifacts nearby
Photo: Mano
Photo: Other side of the mano
Photo: Broken mano
Photo: Ute petroglyphs
Photo: Closeup of horse rider
Photo: Another horse and human figure
Photo: Large, unfinished horse petroglyph
Photo: Gate and private property signs in the middle of state trust land
Photo: View from reservation ridge toward Ford Ridge
Photo: Summit register on Indian Head
Photo: Indian Head summit register
Photo: Indian Head survey marker
Photo: Unusual survey marker, simply stamped "VA"
Photo: Panorama from Indian Head
Photo: Indian Head azimuth marker on Cat Peak
Photo: Northerly view from Cat Peak