Ford Creek to Diamanti Canyon
May 7, 2017Public
Photo: Climbing up from Highway 6
Photo: Old Highway 6
Photo: Old Highway 6
Photo: Explosives bunker along Ford Creek
Photo: Ford Creek road
Photo: Bottom of the stock trail leaving Ford Creek
Photo: End of bulldozer work on the trail
Photo: View up Ford Creek toward Ford Ridge
Photo: Narrower trail nearing a ridge
Photo: Cactus on the ridge west of Ford Creek
Photo: Price Canyon
Photo: Rabbit remains
Photo: Trimmed pine tree
Photo: Deer remains
Photo: Price Canyon
Photo: Animal scat containing some thin plastic sheeting and grass
Photo: Deer antler on the trail
Photo: Another deer antler on the trail
Photo: Pine tree bent over the trail
Photo: Spring erupting from the ground
Photo: Water troughs below the spring
Photo: Bear claw marks on an aspen tree
Photo: Approaching the next ridge
Photo: Upper Price Canyon with Reservation Ridge on the horizon