Butterfly Bend
Feb 23, 2017Public
Photo: A quite scenic parking spot
Photo: Morrison Formation badlands
Photo: Boulder and Torrey on the hunt for some rock art
Photo: Corn cob found in a small wash
Photo: Boulder and Torrey drinking from a muddy, icy pool
Photo: Searching out a granary among the cliffs and boulders
Photo: Near the bank of the Green River
Photo: Interesting round stone--a metate perhaps?
Photo: Petroglyphs on a horizontal surface
Photo: Boulder and Torrey near a petroglyph boulder
Photo: Previously-buried petroglyphs
Photo: Lots of unusual figures
Photo: Four-horned animal with some modern abrasion
Photo: Circle mouth
Photo: Headless figure with spiked body
Photo: Canine chasing a bighorn sheep
Photo: Cranes, one on land and the other in flight
Photo: Small frolicking sheep
Photo: Footprint petroglyphs
Photo: Footprint petroglyphs
Photo: Abstract animal and centipede
Photo: More abstract glyphs on a boulder
Photo: Poorly sheep
Photo: It's a...um...chicken and eggs