San Rafael Swell, Fall 2017
Oct 24, 2017Public
Photo: Lonely camp on Tuesday evening
Photo: La Sal Mountains
Photo: Henry Mountains
Photo: Camp
Photo: The Metate
Photo: Traci and the pups
Photo: Ooh, a pretty rock!
Photo: Broken metate
Photo: Pinyon pine in a small canyon
Photo: Metate
Photo: Traci and me and a camp fire
Photo: Sea of sandstone in a small Reef canyon
Photo: Boulder above a large pothole
Photo: Pictographs
Photo: Spikes on the snake's back
Photo: Broken metates
Photo: Large, decorated potsherd
Photo: The DRZ near Wild Horse Butte
Photo: Heading toward Bluejohn Canyon
Photo: Ken above a downclimb
Photo: Chris at the second rappel
Photo: Bluejohn narrows
Photo: Orange light in Bluejohn
Photo: Bowling!