Cove Trail
Mar 26, 2017Public
Photo: Washed out road
Photo: Walking the bulldozed road
Photo: Boulder shelter
Photo: Mano
Photo: Pecked metate
Photo: Metate fragments
Photo: Rock shelter
Photo: Small biface
Photo: Cracked boulder metate
Photo: Biface
Photo: South face of boulder shelter
Photo: Top of a syrup bottle
Photo: Bulldozer food
Photo: Steep face of the Book Cliffs; the notch is the top of the Cove Trail
Photo: Alan starting up the trail
Photo: Mason jar under a tree
Photo: Old can stamped with Uruguay Inspeccionado 1
Photo: Interesting seam on an old can
Photo: John Morrell potted meat can
Photo: Getting into the bouldery section of trail
Photo: Old trap that I found while stopped for a snack
Photo: Wasatch Plateau covered in snow
Photo: Cove Trail cairn
Photo: Typical section of trail