Fly Canyon
Jun 18, 2017Public
Photo: Snow drifts on East Mountain
Photo: Snow drift on East Mountain
Photo: South and North Tent Mountains covered in snow
Photo: The island at Potter's Ponds
Photo: South side of Potter's Ponds
Photo: Burn area on Lowry Top
Photo: Bear claw marks on an aspen tree
Photo: Glenn Donaldson, July 6, 1950
Photo: Aspen carving at the Fly Canyon trailhead from exactly one year earlier
Photo: Fly Canyon trailhead
Photo: Old road to Fly Canyon
Photo: Burned pines on Lowry Top
Photo: Entering the aspens
Photo: Overgrown trail
Photo: A pair of American badgers (Taxidea taxus)
Photo: Entering the burned area
Photo: Burned pines
Photo: Barrier to motorized travel
Photo: View across Lowry Water and Upper Joe's Valley to East Mountain
Photo: Cliffs above Fly Canyon
Photo: Fly Canyon trail
Photo: Carvings by Delon Curtis 16 years apart
Photo: Fly Canyon trail
Photo: Burned aspen and pines