Nine Mile Canyon XIX: The Fortress
Sep 20, 2017Public
Photo: Satellite image showing a faint circle of rocks
Photo: Granary built into a cliff
Photo: Small petroglyph panel along my climbing route
Photo: Rocks stacked to aid the climb
Photo: Spray-painted X
Photo: 16 thattaway
Photo: Impossible (for me) climb
Photo: Roger Palmer 1964
Photo: Part of the route through cliff bands; The Fortress is in the top-left
Photo: Mud cracks
Photo: Cow glyph?
Photo: Animal bones and my Jeep
Photo: Below the Fortress
Photo: Large concretion
Photo: Rock wall on the butte
Photo: Black paint on gray pottery
Photo: The first place I attempted to climb up the butte
Photo: Crude petroglyphs
Photo: Spot where I successfully climbed atop the butte
Photo: Circle of rocks
Photo: Circle of rocks
Photo: Stacked rocks
Photo: Circle of rocks
Photo: Fire-reddened rocks and burned wood