Death Valley
Jan 18, 2018Public
Photo: A great bargain on camping supplies in Mesquite
Photo: Camp fire at the Pads
Photo: Funeral Mountains viewed from my sleeping bag on Saturday morning
Photo: Our camp at the Pads
Photo: Death Valley Railroad grade
Photo: Manly Beacon seen from Zabriskie Point
Photo: Badlands at Zabriskie Point
Photo: Death Valley 49ers Gateway plaque
Photo: Badwater Road
Photo: Natural Bridge
Photo: Natural Bridge
Photo: Badwater Basin
Photo: Telescope Peak, highest point in Death Valley National Park
Photo: Badwater Basin sign
Photo: Hard-packed salt in Badwater Basin
Photo: Parked along Artist's Drive
Photo: Approaching Artist's Palette
Photo: Artist's Palette
Photo: Stagecoaches
Photo: Enormous diesel engine
Photo: Death Valley Railroad engine number 2
Photo: Old Dinah, a steam tractor used to replace 20-mule teams
Photo: Wagon train
Photo: Wagon train at the Harmony Borax Works