Mill Fork Canyon
Jun 11, 2017Public
Photo: Mill Fork Canyon trailhead
Photo: Beginning of the trail
Photo: Stick figure with bow and arrow
Photo: Large ponderosa pine tree alongside the trail
Photo: Blazed pondo
Photo: Mill Fork Canyon stream
Photo: National forest boundary sign
Photo: Mill Fork Canyon trail
Photo: Mill Fork Canyon trail
Photo: Clearing with a capped drill hole
Photo: 1925 aspen carving
Photo: First stream crossing
Photo: Max H w/XR350 7-89
Photo: Second stream crossing
Photo: Elk carcass with antlers removed
Photo: Mill Fork Canyon trail
Photo: Spiral cut around an aspen tree
Photo: 1915 aspen carving
Photo: Joel Ivie '77
Photo: Joe B(?) 1950 April 20
Photo: Stream alongside the trail
Photo: Allen Larsen "27"
Photo: Herders '79
Photo: Just in case you were wondering how the 1995 elk hunt went