Range Creek II
Aug 28, 2017Public
Photo: New sign in Horse Canyon. How does one leave a dead-end road with no turn around areas?
Photo: I think I'll go left this time
Photo: Climbing above the South Fork of Horse Canyon
Photo: At the pass, heading down into Range Creek
Photo: Tripod Man (or Woman?)
Photo: Ridge between Sheep and Gooseberry canyons
Photo: Possible metate in a boulder
Photo: Split-twig figurine
Photo: Evening shadows ascending the canyon walls
Photo: Colorful clouds at sunset
Photo: Sleeping accommodations
Photo: Entrance
Photo: Easy crossing of Range Creek
Photo: Sunflowers lining the road
Photo: TN Ranching sign
Photo: Range Creek north gate
Photo: Weather station
Photo: Tiny dead snake in the road
Photo: Just walkin' down the road as the sun rises
Photo: Locomotive Rock
Photo: Rows of dots
Photo: Looks like an overturned metate?
Photo: Hmm...maybe an unused metate?
Photo: Sheep petroglyphs with a canine in the upper-left