Mount Marvine
Aug 25, 2017Public
Photo: Beginning of the hike at UM Pass
Photo: Beginning of the hike at UM Pass
Photo: Wild raspberries
Photo: Logging road leading up the mountain
Photo: View down the logging road
Photo: Mount Terrill
Photo: Takin' a break
Photo: End of the logging road, beginning of the boulder hopping and bushwhacking
Photo: First good view of the Mount Marvine summit ridge
Photo: Mount Marvine
Photo: Picking our way through the boulder field
Photo: Bushwhacking through gooseberries
Photo: Moth on a sunflower
Photo: Henry Mountains barely visible through the haze
Photo: Patterns in the basalt
Photo: Mount Marvine summit on the right
Photo: Columbine
Photo: Climbing to the summit ridge
Photo: Pink and white flowers
Photo: Long view toward camp (behind the center stand of aspen)
Photo: Rocky climb to the saddle
Photo: Bradley climbing the field of rocks
Photo: Almost to the saddle
Photo: This view alone was worth the effort