Return to Amethyst Basin
Jul 13, 2017Public
Photo: Ostler Peak and Spread Eagle Peak from Christmas Meadows
Photo: Christmas Meadows trailhead
Photo: Beginning of the trail
Photo: Sign along the trail
Photo: Christmas Meadows
Photo: Mucky trail
Photo: Chris on the boardwalk
Photo: New wilderness sign, about 1,000 feet beyond the wilderness boundary
Photo: Setting up camp
Photo: Colorful clouds through the trees
Photo: Colorful trees around the fire
Photo: Amethyst Basin trail junction
Photo: Sign pointing to Kermsuh, Ryder, and Amethyst lakes
Photo: Ostler Fork
Photo: Ostler Fork falls
Photo: Trail climbing to Amethyst Basin
Photo: Wild rose alongside the trail
Photo: Hayden Peak
Photo: Blazed pine tree and steep, rocky trail
Photo: Many fallen trees that have been cleared
Photo: Pack goat
Photo: Avalanche path
Photo: Lush green trail surroundings
Photo: Stream running over the trail