Dec 29, 2007Public
Photo: Log perodic
Photo: Entrance to the Station
Photo: Log Periodics off in distance
Photo: Feed Lines and Logs
Photo: One side of feedlines and switching
Photo: 600 ohm feedlines.  100kW is running through these as I take the pic
Photo: Motorized Switch
Photo: Feedlines and Logs
Photo: One side of building (the other side has these too)
Photo: Antenna layouts.  Stacked rhombics and Log Periodics
Photo: One side of audio and transmitter control.  Note the Orban 9100s
Photo: The other side
Photo: The box Curt is pointing at is the frequency control/generator
Photo: Control Central
Photo: TUBES galore!  100kW Continental modulator section
Photo: 100kW of Contnental Power.  Note some of the other transmitters behind Curt
Photo: RF Driver Continental
Photo: One tube (!!) 100kW final
Photo: A highly modified Continental
Photo: Supply Cages
Photo: Tunable Harmonic Filter.
Photo: 50 to 600 Ohm BalUn