20090317_MTG06 & Career Fair
Mar 22, 2009Public
Photo: Marc Chiasson of Genivar setting up his booth
Photo: Marc Chiasson joined by Rick Albert
Photo: A fine booth by McKee Engineering
Photo: The Trane representatives in action with Cathy Godin
Photo: Regulvar had some fancy control goodies on display
Photo: Jonathan Bloomquist talks to Frederic Laforge of Regulvar
Photo: the fine booth of PageauMorel
Photo: the Nortec booth was full steam ahead
Photo: Daniel Laurin of Master Group was dreaming about a Mexican fishing village at this point
Photo: the ASHRAE table
Photo: Chistine Kemp smiling as always
Photo: Jonathan Bloomquist chatting with Patrick St-Onge
Photo: the Seimens booth
Photo: “come on guys, you get free parking when you pay the $100 entry fee...”
Photo: Karen Peck chats with Glenn MacLean
Photo: the Engineered Air booth
Photo: Georges Maamari celebrating St. Patrick's Day in style
Photo: what a team Georges and Cathy made on the day!
Photo: Phil “Brad Pitt” Lemieux at his Larmex booth, flanked by Christine Kemp