Jun 25, 2008Public
Photo: The day started off gloomily with rain threatening...
Photo: Cynthia Gillis & Patrick Albert (already tired at this point)
Photo: The calm before the storm
Photo: Previous rainfall had the grounds people worried - many ignored this though!
Photo: Stephan Riffault
Photo: Adam Beales, Stan Milross & Chris Healey
Photo: One of many looks from Stan through the day
Photo: Stan cuddled all the women-folk
Photo: The loot-bags were a big hit
Photo: Christine Kemp, Adam Beales (enjoying the view), & Cynthia Gillis (unaware)
Photo: Patrick Albert & Patrick St-Onge (hey - if you had three Patricks, would that make it a Patrick?)
Photo: Stan Milross reaches for the wrong beer with his son Kevin and Bob Gil looking on
Photo: Mike Cation grabs a loot-bag, with Francois Belair in the background
Photo: “There better be some gummy-worms in my loot-bag”
Photo: The lovely & courteous BBQ staff of Loch March
Photo: “You can take a hike if you think you are getting my gummy worms”
Photo: These guys had a round of poker after this
Photo: “Jackpot!  O-Henry!”