Jun 15, 2010Public
Photo: Cathy Godin
Photo: the rain was fairly miserable early on but stopped by about noon
Photo: Steve Hamilton
Photo: Bob Kilpatrick flanked by Stephen Lynch
Photo: Here Scott Timlin ponders whether Triway could build a containment dome for the gulf oil spill out of 16 gauge aluminum and some set screws...
Photo: Larry Crawford and Dan Grant
Photo: Stan Millross
Photo: Chris Frauley
Photo: You know, that eye shadow looks good on you
Photo: The HTS guys and gals wore Walmar shirts on the day
Photo: yeah baby
Photo: Jason Kitchen and Chris Healey
Photo: I cannot believe he wore that!
Photo: he wore it last year too!
Photo: Kevin Toll and Gary Hartmann
Photo: I wouldn't eat that if I were you
Photo: I pledge allegiance to HTS
Photo: Craig Ogden
Photo: Stan, did you have to do that?
Photo: here Matt Edmonds contemplates world peace while Dave Ball looks on
Photo: Frank Jefferies and Bob Kilpatrick
Photo: the ever handsome Peter Paciorek