Mar 24, 2007Public
Photo: Paul Cousineau & Chris Healey
Photo: A woman's work is never done!
Photo: my brush is stuck!
Photo: what athletic support?
Photo: Primeau is Primeau
Photo: You said that without moving your lips!
Photo: Three innocent bystanders
Photo: Tony West hailing a cab
Photo: I need a smoke...
Photo: He's doing it again, isn't he?
Photo: Now where did I leave that rock?
Photo: Joel Primeau has gas...
Photo: Patrick at the gate
Photo: the lovely Brenda Spiers
Photo: get me a Timmy's!
Photo: Patrick Albert auditioning for “The Life of Brian on Ice”
Photo: Those are actual s/s washers taken from the Guindon Hall project
Photo: Stephen “George Clooney” Lynch trying to look suave
Photo: Is my Timmy's here yet?
Photo: Mine's a large double double!
Photo: Want something done right, do it yourself...