Feb 20, 2008Public
Photo: Ismet Lillic of Roberts Gordon presented a tech session on Infra-Red Radiant Heating
Photo: The opening screen of Ismet's PowerPoint Deck
Photo: Ismet graciously accepts a gift at the end of his speech from Robert Lefebvre
Photo: Seresco, an Ottawa-based company, displayed a sample of their pool dehumidification equipment
Photo: I always prefer it if the freezer compartment is on the bottom myself...
Photo: Ismet manned the Roberts Gordon tabletop display
Photo: Siemens presented their new PXC Modular Field Panel
Photo: Here you can see the similarity between modular field panels and Lego...
Photo: The main presentation for the evening was on Natatorium Design, and luckily it also said this on the opening slide...
Photo: Ralph Kitler of Seresco Technologies was the speaker for the evening.  His speech was excellent.  Here he receives a gift from Robert Lefebvre.